Making dreams, reality. One bike at a time

Past and Present Projects

These bikes were hand made by me. I did all fabrication,paint,and body work. You can not buy any of these things on the open market, 90% is hand made. I can take any make or model and make an awesome chop out of it.


Bike 1

1974 Kawasaki KZ400

This was after I pulled it out of the weeds(ditch actually).
This bike was basically in stock form when I started.
First I removed all offending stock hardware,
built the hard tail and got the rolling chassis,
then smoothed the frame.


This is the first look (didn't last long)
Here I have the flat fender and stock front end.
I found out that the motor was damaged beyond repair.
I bought a used one for $125 at the bone yard.
Also got a 16" rear wheel(used) and tire(new) for $80

This is the second look (much better).
Notice the hand made gerder.
This it when I first learned about "rake and trail".
Here I had no trail.
The steering line fell way behind the axle.

This is the first functional ride.
As you can see, I haven't changed the trail at this time.
The bike handled superb at low speed.
High speed wobble was EXTREME!!!!

This is the final look before it was sold.
As you can see, I've added forward control's (hand made)
changed to a springer, solo seat (hand made),
and a fresh coat of black paint.



Bike 2

1981 Yamaha Virago

This bike started in 3 cardboard boxes.
I have it in the rolling chassis stage here.
Hardtail is already done.

This is with the 14" over forks,
stretched stock tank and hand made exhaust pipes. Nobody makes stuff for these bikes, so everything is fabricated.
The rear fender has been cut down the middle and widened 3 inches. You can also see where I've cut the neck to set the rake.
Saws-all did the trick nicely. welded 1/4 inch plate back in for strength.

This fender was widened to 8"
and the cat eye tail light was molded in.
you can also see the exhaust pipes.
I got the pipe from Advanced Auto.
2 1/4 inch open pipes all the way.
Sounds just like a Harley

This is the stock tank after the stretch and fresh shot of black paint

Final Product
You can see the hand made forward controls.
The chrome exhaust extensions came from Auto Zone.

The custom paint came from
my wife and little girl.
The bike rides great and turns lots of heads.
I've got it in the shop for a new springer front end and paint job. I also have a 21 inch front wheel and disc brakes going on the front.