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In-Depth CV

                 Clean the drain and use the torch tip cleaner to clean the jet at the bottom of the air emulsion tube. Make sure you get air flowing through there just don't make the hole bigger.

                 Clean the pilot emulsion tube and insure air flows through it to the pilot jet hole. Put an air source at the “pilot needle” opening and put your finger over the slit in the main bore of the carb. It should blow air out the pilot emulsion. If this passage is clogged it could possibly run rich at off idle to 1/4 throttle. Ensure bowl vents are clear. Clean any build up off of the inside of the main. Clean area of the Fuel Needle.

                 Clean the choke with lacquer thinner or a good carb cleaner. “Sea Foam” Is an outstanding product. The plunger on the choke slide should move back and forth on the choke slide. There is a small snap ring if you need to remove it but a good soaking in cleaner usually does the trick

                 The ever menacing Pilot needle. Rough set on this (and most carburetors) is 1 1/2 to 2 turns out from soft seat. Soft seat means you turn the needle in until it just bottoms out, don't torque it down, you can damage the seat. Once you feel it hit bottom, stop, back out from there. Don’t forget to replace and lube the O-ring.