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In-Depth CV

                 Butter fly assembly, be easy on the set screws the may be staked in place, if they are go REAL slow or they will break. Shaft slides out one side, make sure the neoprene washers are in good repair and check the rubber lip seals to insure they are not dry rotted and cracked. Rub them down with Olive Oil real good before reassembly. Use olive oil because it will penetrate the seal better and last longer than other lubricants. If these seals are bad, the effected cylinder will run lean do to air sucking in the side.

                 Take out the Allen head plug, slide out the spring and small tube and you will uncover a vent and two air bleed jets. Be very easy with these, as they break easily. If you cant get them to turn use a small torch to place heat on the casting, not a lot because aluminum will turn molten without warning. If you have not messed with aluminum, it does not turn color before going molten. Clean these with the same torch head cleaner of the appropriate size

                 The only thing else to make sure is, make sure you clean/remove the fine mesh brass screen under the fuel needle. Use a 10 mm. socket to remove it from the main body, when you remove it flip it over and you will see what I mean. I run inline filters and remove this one.

       Hope this helps with the CV carb and a little insight to its workings.