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Old School, Choppers and Billet barge

        Is it just me or has the definition of these terms been changed? Everyone I see claims to be riding a custom chopper, custom motorcycle or custom (you insert a type). Correct me if I am wrong but back in the day custom meant, basically, one off. Not bolt on but hand maid or at least to the point that you would be hard pressed to make another just like it. Lets look at the terms as I know them and have known them for as long as I can remember.

Old School

        Old school, this term emerged quite a few years ago to try and say that a particular production bike was styled after what we normally would call a bobber. It was the first term that people came up with to try and distance there self from the corporate barges that were being produced by everyone. Most "old school" bikes had springer front ends; peanut gas tanks, short rear fenders and stock rake and trail. The funny thing is these like any other production bike had full gauges, turn signals, safety switches, horns and all the production crap that is on a factory bike. Back when I was learning about bikes, not that I have stopped learning, Old school was still supposed to be stripped of all the extra crap. I know this shouldn't be that big of an issue but hey, you got to be ripped about something, right? Let's move on to my favorite cookie to chew on, Choppers.


        Choppers, everyone claims to make them, everyone is more pure than the other and no one builds them better than (insert favorite manufacturer). Now don't get me wrong, they produce some nice shiny rides. All the chrome, bling and HOOooooooAaAaaaaaaa. Makes me want to spew. The word chopper came around when people started hacking off all the extra stuff that is not needed for a ride. This means that you only had what the law said you had to have and it was the bare minimum at that. In east TN that means one rear view mirror a tail light and head light, you must have these to operate a motorcycle on the roads of TN. So, a true chopper in TN would be stripped of all other equipment except what is stated by law that you had to have, right? Not by what I see on a regular basis. Go to the local bike night and you will see "custom choppers" everywhere. Stop and look again, look at all those "custom choppers", those bikes that when you look close, everyone looks the same except for paint and exhaust pipes. That's right, that custom chopper is nothing more than a production bike with the "Chopper" look. There is nothing chopper about it. It has full turn signals, two rear view mirrors, all the safety switches, all the crap that a regular production bike from any company would have on it. O, almost forgot they don't have a speedo cause they are Choppers. BULL. They are production bike's, you can go buy the pieces to make one just like it and never lift a torch head, grinder or welder.

        So I ask, is it a "custom chopper" or a Production Long Bike. By the original definition of a chopper I think you can see that these "custom choppers" are not that at all. They are simply production bike's made to look like some thing it isn't. I'm no trying to say that these are any less of a nice motor as the next. I'm saying that if you want a true Custom Chopper, then you are going to have to break a sweat to do it. You are going to have to make some parts instead of going and picking it out of a catalogue. Use your imagination,  kick open the box you live in and, well, live. I would go on to billet barges but these "custom choppers" are so close to a billet barge that there is really no need to. A barge is the same thing just shorter. Still a production bike, still bolt on parts.

        I'm not saying that I am more pure than anyone. I do what I do because I literally enjoy what I do. I don't go to the catalogue and buy stuff. I try my best and make everything I can. I build my own frames, my own handlebars, forward controls, you name it. I don't build "soft tails", at least for me, because I feel if you want the hard tail look, then ride a hard tail. Get a bagger for when you want to go for a long ride with the sqwaa, and a single seat hard tail for when you are alone. Just don't buy a production long bike and say you bought a custom chopper, cause you didn't.

        And that's another of my .02 to chew on. O yea, these views are indicative of CCWorks and how CCWorks does it's business, and if I have offended you then you need to look in the mirror and think about it for a while. Then, when you decide to have a true Custom Chopper, give me a call and we will talk.

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