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CCWorks has been around for quite a few years but started out as Bikes And Trikes back in the late 90íS. It has gone through many transformations but has slowly turned into an actual company. Back in the early 90ís I learned how to ride a motorcycle and immediately fell in love with it. I cut my teeth on a 68 Triumph Bonnie, hard tail, kick only. Iíve been a mechanic all my life and have worked on everything from weed eaters to bulldozers. Through the years I learned to weld, build engines, hydraulics, pretty much everything that could have to do with the art of auto mechanics. In the late 90ís computers became every part of my world and I started classes to learn all I could. Eventually I received Microsoft Certification in Win 2000 and Win XP, which gave me the MCP. The computer work became the forefront of CCWorks because of all the people who needed there computer repaired. It is actually the side that financed getting my shop up and running for the Chopper side. My full time job keeps my computer skills up to par but in the off time I have been polishing the bike side. So, there is a little history of how CCWorks came to be. Hope you find something here that helps you out.


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