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†††††††††††††††† These Carbís have been of the bike and in my basement for well over 6 years. No I didn't drain them, and I donít think you could find a set in worse shape. They reek of rotten gas and the slides wont move. That gives you an idea of how bad they are. This will be there third rebuild sense they came into my stable. I have yet to buy the first part for them.





































Carb Rebuild

This is a document in progress please check back for updates.

†††††††††††††††† You can see these were rode hard and put up wet, literally with gas still in them. Man they stink. The only smell worse than that is gear oil.

Here is a shot of the bottom. You can see the crap that is caked on the bottom of the carb's. Shew nasty!!

†††††††††††††††† Here is the bowls and slides removed. Take note of which hole each slide came out of. If you look close you can see the rust on the floats. I know, I should be flogged for letting them get like this.

†††††††††††††††† After I removed the floats, needles and chokeís, the main bodies, the slide covers and the bowls went to the dunk tank for the day. I may end up leaving them in there over the weekend.


†††††††††††††††† Well after the dunk over the weekend they still looked like crap, so, I had to resort to more drastic measures. I completely disassembled the carbs and split them. I went ahead and split them because I am building a single carb intake and intend on using one for mockup and the other as final. Here is a pick of the carb completely disassembled.

†††††††††††††††† Here are the tops. Nice and crusty, going to be fun getting the screws out!

†††††††††††††††† A couple of things people overlook are the shaft seals and the fuel filter. On each side of the shaft are rubber shaft seals, if these get damaged it will suck air from around the shaft and make it very hard to adjust and over all make the bike run like crap. Under the needle and seat for the fuel inlet is a fine mesh brass screen that you will not know is there unless you take un screw the seat.

After the acid dip and rinse. You can see it is left with a pewter look.

After paint with

Cast Finish from Plasti-Kote

Much nicer, looks like new!