Custom computers and motorcycles

†††††††††††††††† This particular bike is going to have a hard-tail frame design with a wide tire conversion that CCWorks came up with. This should be an interesting build, so stay tuned! I am taking my time to insure all goes well, but it should be done by spring.

Here you have a stock Virago on the right, 130
Middle you see a stock V-Star, 180
On the left you have the Ultimate Virago, 215 for mock-up to be changed out with a 230/60-15 Avon

Here you can see the brake hub inside the new wheel assembly.

This is the brake side. If you look close you can see where I used a SawZall to cut the hub from the stock 750 mag. Make sure to use lube when you cut, it goes faster and the blade lasts longer.

This is the drive side of the rim. A Pontiac front wheel drive rim was used because the bolt pattern and offset were perfect for the drive assembly. Almost like it was made for this build

Here is a drive side shot of the Ultimate Virago. This is not a finished product, It is in mock-up right now getting everything the way it is supposed to be. The axle plate has been cut and drilled but is not finished.

UV 1

UV 4

UV 5

UV 3

UV 2

Ultimate Virago

A rear shot of the wide rear for the 230. Notice the stub on the right that holds the axle. The stock axle wont make the distance so it needs to have an extension. It will be braced later

Here is a shot of the rear tire in the frame and it also shows the distance between the rear shaft and the engine. The mid shaft is about half fabed and I need to get the carrier bearing for it.

Here is what it is looking like. I found out that in my haste to see a frame that the motor didnít fit. I am not perfect. I put the bottle jack in the frame and spread it between the backbone and the lower frame.

Hot off of the jig. Still needs final welds and axle plate shaping. Also needs neck gussets and down tube for back motor mounts. Actually it needs all motor mounts.

UV 8

UV 9

UV 7

UV 6

Here is the frame with the neck flipped right and all the motor mounts done

My favorite shot from the rear. The Avon is about a half inch wider than the tire here. Canít wait to get her on the road!

One of the drive shaft I fabricated. Drive angle stays well with in limits, should work great

Here is with the frame spread and the motor in place. Looking good so far. It has an 18 in seat height right now. After the seat pan and padding it should be close to 20 inch seat height. Low and long, just the way I like it!

UV 12

UV 13

UV 11

UV 10