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In-Depth Mikuni CV

           Here is the slide assembly. Fairly straight forward, remember the order on the needle. Big stepped plastic washer is the spring seat and goes on TOP of the E-Clip, little round is the needle center and goes under the e-clip

Break Down of the needle.


The E-Clip is sandwiched between the spring seat and guide.

           The emulsion tube, main jet and slide track come out as one assembly. You will need a “tamper proof torx” to remove the screws. Be advised that the head will either strip or the bolt will break. Mikuni used lock-tight on these  and the screws are soft. The emulsion tube has a groove and will only go in one way. Be easy with the slide, it is plastic and will break if handled wrong. You DON’T want to have to buy this. There are two O-Rings on the slide that can go bad. If the one on the bottom goes bad you will run rich, top run lean. If you have a standard O-ring kit they are a #2. Yes, for those of you who are squawking, they are metric but I have found the #2 to work just fine