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Gussets would seem to be a no brainer. However there are some very simple mistakes that people do without even realizing it. Below you will see the proper and improper way to do gussets.

This gusset is improper. The red circles indicate where all the stress is when the piece becomes loaded. By having the gusset straight it gives no flex and will fail. It also has a but weld against the tube which puts the load on the top of the tube instead of the side. Tube is well designed to handle torsional load and not crushing load.

This one is better. It is Vd to allow flex and distribute the load more evenly across the tubing. It is still but welded but this gusset is acceptable for low to med duty applications.

This gusset is optimal for any application. It is side welded and is Vd to allow flex.

This should be obvious from the earlier reading. The one on the right will collapse under high load and fail.

And if you are using square tubing.