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Frame part 4!



             One of the things I do have to outsource at this time is the axle plates. I do not have a shear or torch at this time so I have the guy’s at Metal Craft  do my cutting. They do an outstanding job and have always done right by me. They are also the one’s that I get my metal from. Good bunch of guy’s.






















                 These are the axle plates, the one in the center will be used on the front of the chunk as the stabilizer.

                 Here is two of the lower leg tubes cut to the proper width and tacked. They will be welded to the axle plates next. Fore this frame the distance inside the tubes is 12 inches

                 This is with the lower leg tacked in place, I used a lid from a spray can to get the right height till I got it tacked.

                 This is with the upper and lower legs tacked into place. The point will be finished later as it will be easier to fill in the point than try and miter the joint.