NP207 front NP207 side NP207 back

The NP207 has a aluminum case and an appearance similar to the NP231. It should have a tag on the back saying New Process Gear, Model 207. This chain driven transfer case uses a 21 spline input with the manual transmissions and a 23 spline input with the automatic transmissions. The output for the front driveshaft is on the drivers side. Low range is 2.61 and high is 1.00. This transfer case is widely scorned. If yours should break, look for a 21 spline NP231 or swap transmission and transfer case at the same time. The transfer case is upsidedown in the picture showing the input (it is drivers drop.)


The NP207 was used in the first year of Wranglers in 1987. It was used in Cherokees (XJ) until from '84-'87.