Front End Drop

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O. K.  Now for the hard part.
         To do the front end correctly there are some parts that have to be modified. One is the pitman arm. Now before someone comes unglued and says that a pitman arm cant be welded because it's cast iron, they need to do some checking on their metallurgy. About the only piece in the car that's cast iron any more is the block. The pitman arm is cast steel. Big difference when it comes to welding. The main thing you need to worry about when welding or cutting steel is to make sure you don't force cool the piece you're working on. Doing this will cause the metal to become brittle and weak.
Always ,and I do mean always, let the metal cool at room temp. That way all the molecules will lay flat and the metal will be strong.

First of all you need a pitman arm.

stockpit.gif (1193 bytes)

Then you need to cut it. And add some metal.

cutpit.gif (1612 bytes)

                          You need to add a 1-inch thick, 2-inch wide and 4-inch long piece of common steel.(red block) Bar stock will do fine. Now don't go loping this off with a torch because it makes a crappy looking cut and it is unneeded work when you have to clean it up to weld it. I highly recommend using a chop-saw or a band saw. Much cleaner.

Now it's time to weld.

weldpit.gif (1933 bytes)

Always fill gaps in completely. don't leave any air gaps because rust will raise its ugly head and weaken the weld bed. If you are not proficient at welding,
Remember this is the part that steers your car (or truck), so don't scrimp on anything!!!!!!

Now it's time for the gusset's.

longpit.gif (2173 bytes)

Make sure you put the gusset's on the side of the pitman arm(yellow triangle) and not directly in the valley. If you don't you won't be able to get a socket on the pitman arm nut. After the piece is cooled down, clean and paint with Rustoleum. (I prefer black but you can use pink if you want to). 

Finished product

Image007.jpg (77750 bytes)   pit2.jpg (116002 bytes)  


Time to cut the control arm's